About Komikasi

Komikasi is a game and entertainment studio based in Manila, Philippines. It was established back in 2007 with its flagship product, the Talecraft Story-Creation Game. This was followed by the Talecraft Fantasy and General Boosters, the Talecraft Character Builder; and a new card game called Flirt in 2013.

Aside from the card games, Komikasi also offered digital property creation as a service, and was involved in art outsource of digital games, paper dolls, and comics; and was involved in a lot of graphic design work, particularly for brands and advertising agencies.

In 2002, Komikasi started going into full-service digital game development, and was highly involved in the creation of Advergames, or games for brands. For the next four years, Komikasi created Facebook and Mobile apps for brands including Nescafe, Jollibee, Coca-Cola, Oreo, Ayala, and many other prominent brands.

In 2017, the company’s 10th year, the company plans to focus its push on its original properties.


Komikasi was founded by Ria Lu, a firm believer in the power of story and words. She graduated from De La Salle University and Tokyo Technical College. In 2015, she was one of the awardees of the Filipina Entrepreneurship Award by GoNegosyo.

Komikasi is currently managed by Maita Lu, writer, publisher, and all-around awesome superwoman whose brainchild, Fashion Zodes, proved one of the most valuable properties of Komikasi.