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You need a game after a stressful day at work. You need an app developer to create for your company. You need someone reliable and fast.

It appears you need Komikasi.






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Our Advocacies

Komikasi is a staunch supporter of the comics and literary communities in the Philippines.

As part of our effort to contribute to the improvement of the creative industries of the country, Komikasi regularly holds free workshops for aspiring comic creators and novel writers. Check out the Talecraft page for updates.






What We Do

We make games.

We made the Talecraft Story-Creation Card Game, and we also made the hard-hitting mobile slapping game, Starstruck. We make games of our own, and we also do for-hire work, especially for brands.

Whether it's a web application, a Facebook app, or a mobile game, we can sit down with you and help come up with an online concept your brand needs to be able to get attention. Our services include comics, illustration, website development, mobile app development and flash advergame development.

We have done projects for various local and international companies like MRM Worldwide, Geiser Maclang, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, TNE International, Pro Tech Machineries, Maxine, and Century Properties.



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Our Card Games

Talecraft Story-Creation Card Game

Talecraft is our first game and is very close to our heart. It aims to promote creativity through story creation and helps generate ideas for stories.

Talecraft is available online and at major bookstores in the Philippines.

Flirt Card Game

If Talecraft is a friend of poets and muses, Flirt is its fun and outgoing little sister. Flirt is a party game that pokes fun at how we do relationships these days. A game that gets people laughing!

Flirt is available online and at major bookstores in the Philippines.

Our Mobile Games

Tick Wars

It's all between you, the fleas and the ticks in this hilarious battle to outsquish swarming fleas that's out to suck the life out of you (and your pets)! Armed with your trusty flea powder, it's time to go to war... a bloody Tick War!

Tick Wars is available on iPad.


Want to be a dramatic soap-opera actress? Now you can, in the comfort of your living room using your mobile phone! Outslap the competition and unleash the inner drama actress in you.

Starstruck is available for Android and iOS.

Our Advergames

If you're interested in having us develop a game or app for your brand, please get in touch with us. We'd love to set up a meeting with you to show you what we've done for other brands, and to discuss with you what we can do for your brand.


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